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Q4 2015 Progress Report Andrew Francis

Research Theme 3: Quarterly Report Q4 2015


Andrew Francis

Research Theme 3:

An ubiquitous, “7D” measurement environment for the entire factory space


By the end of Q1 2016:
Submit DET Conference Paper, Nanjing March 2016
Finalise photogrammetry trials at Airbus Defence and Space Stevenage with comparison to laser tracker reference network

Progress Update

Developed a software platform for automating the measurement and analysis of large volume structures. The software links with the LCF RT4 – to create a metrology workbench to provide a single platform for all measurement related activity. It automatically combines laser tracker and photogrammetry data with overlaid measurement uncertainty analysis.

Worked on methods for fusing data from the laser tracker and LVDT measurements in real-time. This enables an LVDT to be tracked so that it can act as a portable measurement probe. Discussions took place with Solartron over the use of a wireless LVDT to act as an end effector on the robot. Tracking the LVDT with a laser tracker whilst maintaining the orientation and pose of the robot end effector will allow the robot to take measurements like a CMM. I have developed the software to enable this has now been developed and the physical trials will begin in the following quarter.

Trials were carried out at Airbus Defence and Space, Stevenage site to compare large volume measurements between a laser tracker and photogrammetry system to determine optimum methods for data fusion and verification.

Made an interesting discovery with CMM measurements which I plan to publish with recommendations for best practice. The results involve the use of Renishaw’s scanning probes and point towards a previously unknown effect as the scanning probe passes over the point of what is effectively a point of singularity.

Submitted a conference paper to DET Nanjing China titled Design for Verification, to be published later in the year.

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