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 First AuthorOther AuthorsYearTitle
Francis AMaropoulos P
Mullineux, G
Keogh P
(2016)Design for Verification
Robson S MacDonald, L
Kyle, S
Shortis M
(2014)Multispectral calibration to enhance the metrology performance of C-mount camera systems
Maropoulos P Muelaner J
Summers M
Martin O
(2013)A new paradigm in large-scale assembly-research priorities in measurement assisted assembly
Wang ZMaropoulos P(2015)Real-time Laser Tracker Compensation of a 3 Axis Positioning System - Dynamic Accuracy Characterization
Muelaner J Keogh P(2016)Uncertainty evaluation method for axi-symmetric measurement machines
Muelaner J Wadsworth W
Azini M
Mullineux, G
Hughes B
Reichold A
(2017)Absolute multilateration between spheres
Muelaner J Maropoulos P (2015)Uncertainty of the Measurement of Radial Runout, Axial Runout and Coning using an Industrial Axi-Symmetric Measurement Machine
Muelaner J Yang B
Davy C
Verma M
Maropoulos P
(2014)Rapid Machine Tool Verification
Muelaner J Maropoulos P (2014)Large Volume Metrology Technologies for the Light Controlled Factory
Muelaner J Wang Z
Keogh P
Brownell J
Fisher D
(2016)Uncertainty of measurement for large product verification: evaluation of large aero gas turbine engine datums
Dantanarayana, HGHuntley, J(2015)Object Recognition in 3D Point Clouds with Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Ross-Pinnock DMullineux G(2016)Thermal Compensation of Photogrammetric Dimensional Measurements in Non-standard Anisothermal Environments
Ross-Pinnock DMaropoulos P (2016)Review of Industrial Temperature Measurement Technologies and Research Priorities for the Thermal Characterisation of the Factories of the Future
Ross-Pinnock D Maropoulos P (2014)Identification of Key Temperature Measurement Technologies for the Enhancement of Product and Equipment Integrity in the Light Controlled Factory
Wang ZForbes A
Maropoulos P
(2014)Laser Tracker Position Optimization
Muelaner J Francis A
Chappell M
Maropoulos P
(2015)A hybrid Measurement Systems Analysis and Uncertainty of Measurement Approach for Industrial Measurement in the Light Controlled Factory
Wang ZMaropoulos P (2014) Real-time error compensation of a three-axis machine tool using a laser tracker. Poster presented at Large Volume Metrology Conference, 2014


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