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Dr Jody Muelaner

Dr Jody Muelaner

Research Fellow

About Jody

Dr Jody Muelaner is the Research Fellow on the Light Controlled Factory project and has research interests in design and manufacturing focusing on the development of metrology instrumentation and measurement applications, in particular large volume and machine tool metrology.

He has a background in machine design gaining his City and Guild’s in CAD in 1998, his MEng in Mechanical Engineering in 2004 and running the design consultancy Streamline Outsource Ltd from 2004 to 2007. He completed his PhD in the Design of aircraft structures for Measurement assisted assembly in 2011.

Jody has led a number of industrial research and consultancy and was the Technical Lead for all metrology activities on the Airbus Advanced Low Cost Aircraft Structures (ALCAS), Next Generation Composite Wing (NGCW) State of the Art Review and Rolls-Royce SAMULET projects.

More information about Jody’s research, projects and publications is available on his research website

Jody’s Updates

Jody’s Publications

First Author Other Authors Year Title
Muelaner J Yang B
Davy C
Verma M
Maropoulos P
2014 Rapid Machine Tool Verification
Muelaner J Maropoulos P 2014 Large Volume Metrology Technologies for the Light Controlled Factory
Muelaner J Wang ZKeogh PBrownell J
Fisher D
2016 Uncertainty of measurement for large product verification: evaluation of large aero gas turbine engine datums
Muelaner J Keogh P 2016 Uncertainty evaluation method for axi-symmetric measurement machines
Muelaner J Wadsworth WAzini M
Mullineux, G Hughes B
Reichold A
2017 Absolute multilateration between spheres
Muelaner J Francis A
Maropoulos P
2015 Uncertainty of the Measurement of Radial Runout, Axial Runout and Coning using an Industrial Axi-Symmetric Measurement Machine
Muelaner J Francis A
Chappell M
Maropoulos P
2015 A hybrid Measurement Systems Analysis and Uncertainty of Measurement Approach for Industrial Measurement in the Light Controlled Factory