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Maria Azini

Maria Azini

PhD Student

About Maria

Maria completed the undergraduate Masters programme in Physics at the University of Bath in 2015. This included a Masters project which was to build a fibre laser using graphene as a saturable absorber.

She is currently working on a PhD project – Novel Embedded Metrology Instruments for the Light Controlled Factory.

The project aims to develop novel photonic techniques and instrumentation for absolute distance measurements. This includes the design and fabrication of a hollow core fibre. The research takes place in the Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials (CPPM group) in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Maria’s Publications

First Author Other Authors Year Title
Muelaner J Wadsworth WAzini M
Mullineux, GHughes B
Reichold A
2017 Absolute multilateration between spheres