Light Controlled Factory
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Research Theme 4

RTs 1 to 3 will comprise testing and verification of their technologies, as shown in the Work plan. A technology demonstrator will be created and used in years 4 and 5 to integrate the technologies of RTs 1 to 3, to establish pathways to manufacture. The technology demonstrator will be a laboratory based and integrated AIT platform for the holistic validation of all the technologies developed and contributing to the Light Controlled Factory. The technology demonstrator will be based at LIMA with long deployments at Airbus Filton facilities and at the NCC Catapult. NPL and all the vendors supporting the research will engage with this topic, reducing the validation risk and enhancing research impact. Early-stage validation of WPs from RT1 and RT2 will take place in LIMA at Bath and in external facilities. Testing for WP3.3 and WP3.4 will be conducted in UCL’s 500m3 Instrument Validation and Testing Laboratory and at NPL. WP 3.5 and WP 3.6 will use facilities of the EPSRC CIM in Intelligent Automation. Integrated testing

of WPs of RT3 will include larger scale, annual week-long validation exercises at the MTC, at Ansty.